Friday, November 26, 2010

- cameras -

"if your children like to play
with cameras, keep a stash
of disposable cameras on hand
for them to use"

These single-use cameras come already
stocked with film, usually 27 exposures.
After you've snapped all the pictures,
take the entire camera to the processor
for developing. Choose from an array of
disposable options: indoor, outdoor,
zoom, water and sport, black-and-white,
high definition, panoramic, specially
decorated wedding-themed, and more.
Many processors now recycle the
cameras rather than throw them away.

Whether you're shooting your kid's swimming
lessons or a Pulau Perhentian snorkeling trip,
underwater snapshots are easier these days.
For an inexpensive option, try one of the many
disposable underwater cameras on the market.
Or look for a waterproof housing that will
work with your camera.

Today's instant cameras are much more sophisticated
than their 1950s ancestor, but their main draw remains
the same: the lure of a developed photo within a minute
or two of taking the picture. New models offer features
such as built-in fill flash, autoflash, red-eye control,
and the ability to shoot close-ups as near as 18 inches.

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