Monday, November 29, 2010


Kenape this disease lbih `interested 'with women
than men?


--- A kind of organic disease melibatkn
@ neuro nervous system in effect
s'cara b'siri the attack ape dlm
n the ant circumstances. 4-72jam know!

Migraine symptoms:
throbbing pain sngt pd @ m'cucuk bhgian head.
mate @ blind spots become blurred.
t'gaggu net assets with light, sound @ the smell.
cold sweat net assets @ lak
@ numbness neck pain
@ confused tired net assets
nausea, vomiting @
CAKit skin heads

Migraine triggers:
fatigue, stress @ frustrated
fast times @ tiggl mkn
t'lalu byk yg activities collar workers
p'ubahn height
p'ubahan air tkanan
tido t'lebih kurag @ @ MSE TDO b'ubah
nx mnyenagkn odor forte, light bright @ t'lalu noise

TIP KURANGKN migraine:
ltakkn Kaen cold forehead kt
head massage
b'baring dlm n quiet dark room
BHN ltakkn that can mnekan forehead

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