Friday, November 26, 2010

- EPSON Perfection V30 scanner -

"The affordable home scanning solution
that promises high-quality"

Quick START: Using the Quick
Install option, you simply need to
pop the CD in your PC and kick
back for five minutes while it installs
all of the software you've selected.
You'll be invited to rgister the V30 online
and you're ready to go! ;p

(RIGHT): You're offered a range of
scanning modes, which allow varying
dgrees of control over output according
to how much scanning experience you
have. You are catered for whether
you're a beginner or a pro.;p


SUMMARY: The EPSON Perfection V30 is a
fast, quiet and easy-to-use scanner, which
will suit any budding artist who enjoys
creating art from scans or wants to
digitise their film photo collection.;p

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