Monday, November 22, 2010

- Quick and Easy Zoom Effect on Mouse Over -

1. Select “File > New” (command-”N”) and select Flash File (ActionScript 2.0) 
    to open a new Flash document file.

 2. Save the file, and give it an appropriate name. I will call this “zoom_tut1.fla” 
     to change click  (“Modify > Document or “command-J”) and 350×200 pixels 

3. Draw a small rectangle on the center of your stage and give a fill color whatever ur like.

4. select your rectangle (click-drag around your shape or double click on the shape) 
    and choose “Modify > Convert to Symbol” (F8)

5. Give nme ur simbol like"box" and select the Movie Clip radial and hit “OK”.

6. After double click symbol and Within your movie clip symbol, select your rectangle 
    and choose “Modify > Convert to Symbol” (F8) again.

7. Graphic radial and give this symbol a new name (I chose “img_box”) and hit “OK”

8. Tip: you will see a “breadcrumb” of what symbol your are currently in mode 
     under your timeline (Fig. 1).

9. nanti cda sambug ;p

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