Saturday, November 27, 2010

- shooting undErwater -

"Underwater photos of coral reefs and brightly painted
tropical fish inspire awe. We've gathered tips for catching
good photos in setting from coastal waters to your 
backyard swimming pool."

camera manufacturer's underwater housing, or, for a more 
affordable solution, use a waterproof disposable camera.

CATCH THE RAYS. If you're planning to shoot in shallow
water, look for bright sun streaming in from above to light
your subjects. You also can use fill flash to help illuminate
shallow-water shots.

GRAB THAT FLASH. If you plan on diving even a short 
distance below the surface to take pictures, you'll need to use
a specially made underwater flash.

JUMP IN THE POOL. You don't have to be in the ocean to get
great underwater shots. Capture your children learning to swim or
enjoying a pool party.

CORRECT COLOR. Because various substances in lakes or ocans,
such as algae or plankton, can alter underwater hues, you may need to
correct color later in image-editing software.

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